MGS Mfg. Group, Inc. Acquires Winther Mould Technology

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Germantown, WI, October 2 2023

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MGS Mfg. Group, Inc. (MGS), a global leader in end-to-end manufacturing solutions for healthcare innovators, announced the acquisition of healthcare tooling manufacturer, Winther Mould Technology A/S (“Winther Mould”). The investment in additional tooling capacity and expertise reinforces MGS’ offer of best-in-class speed-to-market and continues the company’s strategic growth as a leading provider of high-precision plastic solutions for Pharma, Diagnostic, and MedTech applications.

Located in Demark, Winther Mould brings 56 years of experience in design for manufacturing (DFM), mold design and manufacturing, and testing and validation to supplement MGS’ proven track record in launching and maintaining large-scale healthcare programs. In partnering with Winther Mould, MGS will add complex, premium-quality tooling and moldmaking capacity and expertise to its international network of tooling, automation, and manufacturing capabilities. Both companies offer decades of experience in meeting the needs of leading healthcare customers.

“We celebrate this new growth milestone for MGS, which further strengthens our offer of unparalleled tooling capacity to ensure the seamless launch of large-scale programs. Our expanding global footprint continues to provide healthcare innovators with end-to-end support for new product introductions and ongoing production,” said Paul Manley, President and CEO of MGS. “MGS and Winther Mould share a strong customer focus and commitment to agility and reliability. Together, we are poised to deliver unmatched value, precision, and dedication to our global customers to accelerate the development of innovations that improve lives.”

Kenneth Winther, General Manager of Winther Mould, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “With MGS, we are joining a team that will take our business to the next level. We are excited to grow with an end-to-end global solutions provider to offer customers a comprehensive solution from initial concept to high-volume manufacturing and commercialization.”

MGS is expanding global access to vertically integrated solutions, now with 1,200 employees at 12 locations across the United States, Mexico, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Recently acquiring Denmark-based product development and design firm, Technolution, MGS is evolving its unique position in the industry’s value chain with single-source engineering and manufacturing services.

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About MGS

Headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin, USA, MGS currently operates from its 12 locations around the world. A recognized leader in precision plastics, MGS offers vertically integrated global solutions across product design and development, tooling, manufacturing, and automation. As a single-source manufacturing partner, MGS supports leading innovators in Pharma, Diagnostics, and MedTech. Learn more about MGS at

About Winther Mould Technology A/S

Winther Mould Technology A/S, located in Lynge, Denmark, is a highly specialized mold technology manufacturer renowned for producing superior quality molds for premium quality molded components. With 56 years of tooling experience, Winther Mould Technology excels in design for manufacturing (DFM), component design, moldmaking, testing, and validation.

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