We don’t just buy businesses, we invest in people

We build relationships for the long-term, through partnership, trust, and collaboration

Partnership with management

Mason Wells’ investment approach begins with a special emphasis on originating its own investment opportunities. Mason Wells immerses itself in the targeted industry sectors and regional business communities of the Midwest. We seek to identify companies and managers that can benefit from a partnership with Mason Wells. In that spirit of shared stewardship, Mason Wells also prefers to partner with proven senior management teams who are willing to invest alongside us.

Midwestern focus

While we pursue attractive acquisition prospects throughout the United States, Mason Wells focuses on opportunities in the Midwest. In terms of concentration of the top 100 fundraising private equity firms across the U.S. and Canada, the Midwest United States represents only 8% of all buyout capital raised in 2022 by these firms1 while contributing 23% of 2022 U.S. GDP.2 Many Midwestern entrepreneurs prefer to deal with partners who are knowledgeable about the industries and communities in which they operate. Frequently, the representatives of large, national buyout firms who call on Midwest companies are challenged to meet these needs. As an investment firm that’s well regarded and experienced in the region, Mason Wells understands the importance of culture and community for Midwest business owners when selecting a private equity partner to build off of his or her legacy.

Map of Past and Existing Portfolio Company Headquarters

Our industry sectors

Consumer packaged goods

Companies producing, packaging, and marketing consumable packaged goods for any of the following markets:

  • Prepared Food
  • Beverage
  • Functional Ingredients
  • Personal Care
  • Household Products
Engineered products and services

Companies that design and manufacture high value-add components or finished goods for the following markets:

  • Building Products
  • Flow Control
  • Foodservice Equipment
  • Healthcare Products
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Test & Measurement
Outsourced business services

Companies providing B2B services with differentiated, high-value solutions across a broad range of industries

  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Services
  • Environmental, Infrastructure, & Utility Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Outsourced Professional Services
  • Specialty Distribution
  • Testing, Inspection, Compliance & Certification
  • Transportation & Logistics
Packaging materials and converting

Non-commodity plastic or paper, flexible or rigid packaging materials companies servicing any of the following markets:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Beauty
  • Pet Care
  • Healthcare
  • Regulatory/Compliance
  • Warehouse/Logistics


1. See Buyouts Insider Magazine (www.buyoutsinsider.com), which defines the Midwest United States as Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

2. “GDP by State” (www.bea.gov). U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis for the same 13 states compared to overall U.S. GDP.