Mason Wells Newsletter 2015 – Volume 3

September 1 2015
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  • Mason Wells Recapitalizes CE Power Solutions and Acquires Advanced Web Technologies, LLC
Portfolio Company Updates
  • Dedicated Computing
  • Nelipak Corporation
CE Power Solutions Recapitalized by Mason Wells

In April 2015, Mason Wells Buyout Fund III closed on an investment in CE Power Solutions, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. CE Power Solutions is a leading provider of power engineering, testing, and maintenance services to utility and industrial customers.

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Mason Wells to continue the growth of CE Power,” said Bill McCloy, President, and CEO. “Mason Wells will provide CE Power with additional resources to achieve the Company’s long-term growth initiatives and continue our investment in industry-leading services and safety. With their strong financial backing, we plan to rapidly expand our geographic footprint and anticipate adding new locations around the country, including through acquisition.”

“Mason Wells is pleased to support the existing management team in their growth strategy,” said Kevin Kenealey, Senior Managing Director at Mason Wells. “CE Power’s management, employees, and suppliers are all key factors that have allowed the Company to consistently exceed the expectations of its customers. We believe the Company provides an excellent platform for growth and is well-positioned to capitalize on a number of favorable market opportunities.”

For more information about CE Power Solutions, please visit the Company’s website at

Mason Wells Acquires Advanced Web Technologies

In June 2015, Mason Wells Buyout Fund III announced the acquisition of Advanced Web Technologies, LLC (AWT). The Company will continue to conduct business under its trade name, AWT Labels & Packaging, and will be owned by Mason Wells, current management, and other co-investors.

AWT is a narrow and wide-web converter of labels and flexible packaging for a diverse set of markets including healthcare, food and beverage, personal care, household, and industrial/OEM, with facilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and South Elgin, Illinois. AWT’s converting capabilities include pressure-sensitive and digital labels, laminating multi-layer film structures, shrink sleeves, and extended content labels.

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Mason Wells and continue expanding our capabilities,” said Jim Lundquist, President, and CEO of AWT. “With Mason Wells’ strong financial backing, we plan to strategically expand our current business footprint. The entire AWT management team will remain intact and we continue to focus on the mission of providing solutions that help reduce our customers’ Total Applied Costs.”

“Mason Wells is pleased to be partnering with AWT’s management team to support the Company’s growth initiatives,” said Jay Radtke, Managing Director at Mason Wells. “AWT has a 35-year history of providing high-quality, technically challenging labels, particularly in the healthcare segment. The Company’s skilled workforce, technical capabilities, sales organization, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced management team are all factors that have allowed the Company to consistently meet the expectations of its customers.”

Mason Wells intends to support AWT’s growth initiatives and will be investing in new and upgraded capacity to support the Company’s growth plans. For more information about AWT, please visit the Company’s website at

Dedicated Computing

Dedicated Computing, a global technology company, headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, recently announced the launch of its Edge 7000 – IoT Gateway, an Application Ready System representing one of the latest technological advances for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Edge 7000 platform enables a seamless connection between edge node devices in the field to the cloud and supports a variety of IoT applications in industries ranging from Healthcare, Industrial Automation, and Energy Exploration. It offers flexibility, supporting multiple wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and more. With highly capable processing and storage capabilities available close to the data source, the Edge 7000 enables interoperability across a variety of devices, allowing collection and aggregation of data so customers can make timely business decisions and improve the maintenance and uptime of devices.

The Edge 7000 uses the Intel® IoT Gateway, which is a pre-integrated and fully-validated solution that includes the Wind River® Edge Management System, 4th Generation Intel® CoreTM processors, and enterprise-grade security solutions from Intel® Security, formerly McAfee®. This allows for easier deployment and faster time to market.

Also, earlier this year Dedicated Computing announced the launch of its Explorer HPC – Liquid-Cooled High-Performance Compute Cluster for the oil and gas industry. This modular, go-anywhere, high-performance, high-reliability computer solution helps overcome oil and gas industry operating challenges as it improves reliability and productivity.

Designed specifically for remote drilling environments, jointly developed with LiquidCool Solutions technology and using both the Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® Xeon PhiTM coprocessor, the Explorer HPC provides efficient energy usage, high reliability, and improved scalability through a modular design that expands computational capacity quickly. This modular approach also offers significantly lower initial capital costs with incremental, just-in-time expansion capability.

LiquidCool’s Full Liquid Submersion Cooling Technology is incorporated into this Application Ready System, tailored to meet the growing demand for rugged high-performance computing close to the data source.

For more information on both of these products, please visit our website at

Nelipak Corporation

In March 2015, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging was featured in Healthcare Packaging Magazine for their award-winning Boston Scientific ACUITY Pro® medical tray design.

In April 2015, Nelipak appointed Timothy Julian as Vice President of Sales, Americas, and Frits van Gastel as Global Director of Quality. For more information on both of these announcements, please visit

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