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mason wells history

At Mason Wells, we’ve earned a reputation for maintaining the highest levels of integrity, strategic discipline, and straight talk in all of our private equity dealings. Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned team members, our rigorous investment approach builds value for our portfolio companies, our investors, and everyone with whom we engage.

Mason Wells became an independent firm in 1998. Prior to the establishment of Mason Wells, several of the firm's senior professionals worked together making investments throughout the Midwest at M&I Capital Markets Group, a firm started by our founder in 1982.

We are currently investing through Mason Wells Buyout Fund IV, a $615 million fund, raised to make control-oriented buyout investments of middle market companies primarily located in the Midwestern United States.

Midwestern Focus


While we pursue attractive acquisition prospects throughout the United States, Mason Wells focuses on opportunities in the Midwest.

We believe that the region is underserved by private equity capital for companies that meet our Investment Criteria. The Midwest produces approximately 24 percent of the United States’ GDP and the region is home to an estimated 18 percent of all private equity investments. Yet, since 2005, the Midwest has raised only 6 percent of the private equity capital available in the country.

Many Midwestern entrepreneurs prefer to deal locally with equity partners who are accessible and knowledgeable about local markets. Frequently, the representatives of large, national buyout firms who call on Midwest companies lack the ability to relate effectively to local managers or local deal referral sources.

As an investment firm that’s highly regarded and experienced in the Midwest, Mason Wells understands the importance of culture and location for Midwest-based business owners when selecting a private equity partner.


Since our founding, we have built an extensive network of Midwest-focused Executive Operating Partners with deep experience in our four industry sectors as well as operational consultants, lenders and other advisors.


Mason Wells' headquarters in Milwaukee, WI, is centrally located in the Midwest.

Our investment approach

We seek to increase a company's value through a long term partnership of implementing the Mason Wells Value Creation System.

Our investment approach

Mason Wells' Summary Overview

Summary Overview

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